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If you were a contractor in 2009, you remember it well.  It’s like someone turned off a hose spigot; all the work dried up, seemingly overnight.  Companies had to get lean fast, the fortunate ones laid off workers.  The less fortunate didn’t survive.

In the middle of the meltdown, is when Tradecraft Industries was born.  The fact is that construction is a cyclical business; every contractor knows the next recession is waiting around the next quarter.  You need flexible resources that can scale with you, so your company can scale up or down with the market.

An office is just overhead, for you accounting types, that’s a liability.  But what would turn it into an asset?…. If it was actively bringing you business.  That was the future I saw back in the dark days of the Great Recession.  A flexible office space that would generate leads by bringing together a diverse assortment of innovative, scrappy, blue collar professionals in a building that would actively help them to grow.   

-Bryce Ballew, Founder 

The minute your clients walk into the building, the materials, layout and quality all say confidently,  

“This is who we are”


Tradecraft Industries is a place for owners to work ON their business, not IN their business.  You’re surrounded by hard charging, innovative, hungry entrepreneurs.  You can’t get that from working out of your basement or truck.




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It’s more than an office.  When you’re here, you’re part of a community.  You’ll learn how others are tackling the same challenges you are and hear about resources you never knew existed.  You might have a chance encounter over coffee at our front desk that leads to a new project.  It’s not a one-time thing, we see this happen on a daily occurrence since we opened in 2017.  Our tribe keeps growing and evolving with new members, their energy, and off-beat humor.   This is us.


“I’ve been in business for myself for 17 years. I’ve had warehouses, storefronts, even 2 big houses off of Colfax and Fillmore that we turned into offices. I’ve always wanted, and dreamed of a space like Tradecraft but it didn’t exist. I tried other shared spaces and quickly grew out of them or got tired of them. When my agent introduced me to Bryce, and I took a tour of Tradecraft, I knew it was a perfect fit. It was literally exactly what I was looking for. Also…it’s a great way to network with others in similar trades! Highly recommend!”
Joe Lyon


“Tradecraft and Bryce have built a network of contractors, consultants, and seminars to continue your education and truly give you the advantage over local competition. If you want to fast track your business growth and join a great community I highly recommend Tradecraft.”
Alex Kurbjun

KA Construction

“We’ve been fortunate to be a part of the Tradecraft community since soon after the doors opened and we could not be happier with the advantages its provided. Not only does Tradecraft offer networking opportunities, fun social events and industry resources, but we’ve also gained a lot from the guest speakers and industry experts brought in by Tradecraft. Bryce Ballew and Tradecraft Industries have been significant in the growth of our business and we’re certainly grateful.”
Nick Groeger

Taurus Development


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