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Interested in Industry Opportunities?

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Are you looking for new career opportunities, real-world experience in your trade or networking in the construction industry? Tradecraft Industries and our members have business and trades related internships, summer jobs, and career opportunities in various fields, ranging from general contractors and electricians to metal workers and architects and many others.


Our building is home to the first construction, co-working space of its kind, and we encourage collaboration and community at every turn. We invite you to take a look at our members here, and check out the job postings below.


Don’t see the job/internship you’re looking for? Go ahead and submit your resume by uploading it below or come on in and drop it off at 6145 Broadway, Denver 80216.

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Employment Opportunities

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MADCO is seeking a highly qualified Ironworker to join their team!


MADCO is seeking a highly-skilled, craft professional to join their team. You must be someone who is  self-motivated, works well with others, is professional in a business environment and safety conscientious. You must also demonstrate attention to detail while staying productive. This is a great opportunity to advance your career in a fast paced, growing and stable environment.


Job Requirements:
Must live in the Denver Area
5 Years Experience in the trade
Experience in structural and architectural metals
Certified Welder
Read blueprints
Personal, hand tools required
Valid Driver’s License
Reliable Transportation


Competitive Pay DoE
Full benefits including but not limited to Health Insurance, 401K, vacation pay, and Life Insurance
Continuing Education opportunities
Fun and Collaborative working environment
MADCO is an Equal Opportunity Employer (E.O.E)


MADCO is a full-service, specialty Contractor in the Metal, Administration and Design. We focus on  structural and architectural metal and concrete projects in the commercial and industrial sector. From project design, fabrication coordination, and material installation, MADCO is your full-service contractor. We take pride in our approach to individually assess and personalize each project to ensure customer satisfaction. Collaboration is one of our founding principles, and we are working hard to revolutionize the industry to create a professional atmosphere that encourages success and promotes growth. In order to facilitate this vision, we work in the Tradecraft Industries co-working space, which provides access to education and a wide construction network. Please visit for more information!

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Visual Interest is looking for focused individuals to join their growing representative’s team!


Visual Interest is a Colorado light manufacturer’s representative: Offering step-by-step guidance, versatile lighting options as well as a comprehensive client experience to architects, engineers, distributors, contractors, interior designers, and electrical wholesalers.  We are seeking driven and focused individuals that have an in depth understanding of the construction industry and knowledge of a contractor market in Colorado.  The perfect candidate would have a strong ability to build relationships with existing clients, and create relationships with new clients; your special powers will be to further penetrate the contractor market and close sales in the bid & design markets.


Desired Skills:

Desired Skills:

  • Professional friend maker
  • Strong time Management
  • You enjoy learning & helping others understand
  • Reliable, dependable, resourceful
  • you look for opportunity everywhere
  • Proactive is your middle name


Please email with a letter of interest and resume!  For more information, please click here!

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Rise & Shine is looking for an experienced construction material delivery driver to join their team!


Rise & Shine, Inc. provides exceptional quality masonry and stucco services to Denver commercial and residential developers. We strive to be better than the competition and take pride in our work. A few current clients include Richmond American Homes, Williams Construction & Big-D Construction Corp. Recent completed projects include, Dion’s Restaurant, 24 Hour Fitness, La Bella Vita retirement complex. “Building from the ground up”, is not just our motto but our way of thinking and planning for the future.  We are currently seeking a delivery driver needed to pick up specific material (stone/stucco) and deliver to job sites in Denver Metro/Castle Rock/Colorado Springs/Fort Collins.  The driver would as pick-up and remove equipment from job sites and perform inventory checks with room to grow in the company.


  • Current drivers license
  • Construction experience OR willing to learn
  • Experience/ability to drive truck with trailer
  • Must be able to physically lift 80lbs and work on a construction site
  • Starting $14/hour with room to increase
  • Full-time/Part-time/Short-term/Long-term options available


Please email us at with a letter of interest and we’ll explore the possibilities!

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Moir’s Coatings Is Growing


Want to be part of a growing company with good pay? Are you a hard-worker, fast-learner and dependable? Do you care about the quality of the work you do? Then we’d love to hear from you.
Moir’s Coatings is a family-owned and operated company that provides commercial and residential concrete coating services around the Denver Metro area. We also have a painting division.




  • Must have own transportation
  • Previous floor coatings experience a plus
  • Painting experience a plus
  • Must be dependable and honest


To check out some of our previous work, please visit our website: httpss://
To apply for a position, contact: 720-563-7650 or contact us via our website – httpss://

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Emu is seeking a Director of Marketing + Communications. 

(Based at our Denver office)


This position is highly central to the future success of our business. We seek a partner and team member, not an employee. Our entire business model is based on the ability to communicate effectively with the construction industry, and creative marketing plays into every aspect of our operations and business development.


Your job would span a wide range of responsibilities not only confined to marketing and communications. We are looking for someone creative, organized, and driven to join our startup culture as we scale the company up over the next several months.


Your background and education are not as important as your resourcefulness and determination. We want to see how you have proven yourself an independent thinker and team player, a creative genius and organized administrator, an effective communicator and excellent listener.


An understanding and passion for our mission is a must. Please research us before applying.


Salary and benefits will scale up as the company does, meaning that you will get out of this what you put in. Opportunities for C-Level promotion and equity options are available.


Please send all inquiries to Bedazzle us!!

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Integrity Building Solution Is Hiring


Office Manager

Integrity Building Solutions


Job Description:

To assist in the organization of Integrity Building Solutions by handling the back office part of the business.  This role will be in flux and the job description will change as the company grows and progresses in its organization.


Secretary Duties: (roughly 20 hours a week)

  • (1) Provide admin support for the team
  • (1) Gather payroll information
  • (1) Daily / weekly / monthly reports
  • (1) Handle leads
  • (1) Pulling electronic permits
  • (1) Going to the city to pull and pick up permits
  • (1) Scheduling inspections
  • (1) Handle communications with insurance companies (Insurance Billing)
  • (2) Handle all phone/email communications
  • (2) Organize all voicemail messages and send to the appropriate people
  • (2) Collect, store, and organize receipts
  • (2) Pay bills
  • (2) Handling w-9’s, proof of insurance, worker’s comp proofs, year end tax prep
  • (2) Basic accounting things with Quickbooks Online


Manager Responsibilities: (roughly 20 hours a week)

  • (1) Taking entrepreneurial ideas and creating systems and processes with them
  • (1) Create flow charts
  • (1) Manage sales team
  • (1) Special projects
  • (1) General project management
  • (1) Manage our CRM software (TBD) and Co-Construct
  • (1) Helping to create better cash flow (minimum 130k a month with a 20% markup)
  • (2) Help identify where we are losing and wasting money
  • (3) Refining Job descriptions


Marketing / Networking (1)

  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Email marketing
  • Represent our company in a professional manner



  • Part-Time to Full Time (30-40 hours a week)
  • $19.20 an hour (40k a year)
  • 90 Day Trial

Please email Andrew at with your resume.

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