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This level is for the working professional who just needs to stop in and use the space several times a month*.  A punch card with 12 uses, good for a year.  

One time fee: $150

*Does not include access to storage, mailbox, or other resources



This membership gives the most flexibility for resources.  Access the space 24/7, book conference rooms, add on mailbox, storage, trailer parking, etc…

Month to month: $125



Perfect for the business with multiple employees, but without the need for a permanent office.  This membership gives all the perks of the Journeyman, but for teams of 3 or more.

Month to month: $300*

*Additional memberships available for $100/member



For the business needing a flexible satellite location or for the professional who’s tired of working from home, this is a great way to have a semi-permanent dedicated office with all the benefits of resources and community.

6-12mo terms, prices and availability vary.


resources for your business

Tradecraft offers more than a desk and a chair.  Your business, your crews and your clients have diverse needs.  Our space is the ‘multi-tool’ for your company.  Need something that’s not listed below?  We’ll help you find it. 

Conference Rooms

Two conference rooms as well as a main atrium for larger meetings.  These come with A/V, whiteboards, and a professional setting.  Schedule time or check availability from your phone.  Need coffee or snacks for your meeting?  Just let us know.

Business Mailing Address

Tired of having your home address listed on your website?  Need a local Denver address?  We’ve got you covered.  Searchable by Google, you’ll have a dedicated suite # to call your own and represent yourself professionally.

Month to month: $15


Storage container

Need a secure space to store materials and equipment?  Look no further.  The shipping containers that comprise our building’s perimeter wall are used for their intended purpose.  Our front desk staff can accept deliveries and direct drivers to your container.  Get your garage back!

Month to month: Fees vary


30 Yard dumpster

When you don’t have access to a construction dumpster onsite but have materials to throw away?  We’ve got ya covered.  Why make a trip to the dump when you can use ours?

Fees apply, no free dumping


Trailer Parking

Got a trailer that won’t fit in your driveway?  We have a dedicated parking row just for trailers on our site.

Month to month: Fees vary


business development

Need a recommendation for a new software?  Attorney?  CPA?  Marketing tactic?  We’ll bend over backwards to help you find the solution you need to help your company grow.  From job leads to classes, we never stop working for our members’ success.

Virtual Tour

Our award winning space is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Intentional industrial, raw but refined, we took time and paid attention to the details so that it’s a place you’ll want to show off to your clients and employees.

Click the image to the left, or the Virtual Tour button below to see the space for yourself!

“As fate would have it, I started my business around the time that Tradecraft opened its doors in 2017. I was planning to run the business out of my home at the start, but when I met the community at Tc, it was clear to me that this was where I needed to be. Tc has not only been a fun and educational place to work, but has helped grow my business tremendously. I would highly advise Tradecraft as a place to grow your construction industry business”

Andrew Sams

Alpine Building Performance

“I love working at Tradecraft!  I have been officing here since they opened in 2017 and it’s the perfect space for  We have private office space, storage for my tools and equipment, and even yard space available if I need to expand and add a trailer.   But, beyond all of that, the real benefit of Tradecraft is the community created here.  They offer a full range of networking and educational events to keep on top of industry trends and help my business stay at the edge of development.  I could not recommend Bryce or the Tradecraft community more, my business is better for being a part of it!”

Bryan Williams

B-Line Construction

“I’ve been at Tradecraft since 2017, it’s been a true blessing as I’ve built my business. The environment here is great! 

Bryce has been a great person to work with, he truly cares about every company and member at Tradecraft, always looking for ways to bring value to each member. Bryce really takes the time to get to know your company, pays attention to needs, is great at making the right connections and is always interested in helping your business grow.”
Jesus Montelongo

What are the terms for membership and offices?

Memberships are month to month, so if it’s not what you expected, there’s no ‘gotcha’ clause; we just require 30 days notice.  Office terms will vary, but typically we ask for 6-12 month commitments.

What are the specs?

The facility is 19,000sf total, sitting on 2 acres.  Construction took 7 months from first shovel to doors open.  There are 24 offices, 2 conference rooms and 33 containers onsite.

Is Tradecraft dog friendly?

You better believe it.  It’s one of the many perks of working from a relaxed, yet professional location.  We just ask that you sign our dog policy and keep your pooch on a leash.  No marking, barking or aggressive behavior please… this applies to both humans and canines. 

What is your mix of members?

We have a very diverse blend of commercial and residential, general contractor and sub-contractor, well established and start-up companies in our space.  We don’t set limits on types of contractors or companies, it’s more about a cultural fit to make sure Tradecraft is the right space for you and your company.  Membership is not guaranteed, for example, if you’re signing up to pass out your business cards…

“I guarantee you’ll never be a member here…”

– Judge Smails, ‘Caddyshack’

What is Tradecraft's COVID-19 plan to keep members and guests safe?

We take the safety and security of our members and guests VERY seriously.  As such, we’ve implemented several policies and have made upgrades to our space related to COVID-19:

We perform several disinfecting wipe-downs per day

All common area tables & chairs are arranged to comply with social distancing guidelines

We’re offering fruit, EmergenC packets, masks and hand sanitizers for any members or guests who would like.

We recently installed in-duct air purification devices to disinfect the air as it’s distributed throughout the space.  Our HVAC system is designed to exchange the air 3-4 times per hour. 

If I have part-time employees, do they need full membership?

If your employees are coming in every once in a while or are here to meet with you or another member, no, they do not need a full membership.  However, anyone using the space as a member and on a regular basis does need a membership.  We review this on a case by case basis and can certainly work with companies who have unique needs.  

Is tradecraft in other cities / states?

Not yet, our location at 6145 Broadway is our first and only location for the moment.  Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to hear about updates and future growth!

Have questions about a Tradecraft industries in your location?

Feel free to send us a note with any requests, the founder, Bryce, loves nerding out about flex-office, design, construction and why Nebraska’s ’95 football team was the greatest in NCAA history.  Send a note in the ‘Contact Us’ with specific questions, comments, or requests and he’ll get back to you as soon as time allows. 


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