The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, ESQ. - Denver Construction Coworking Space | Tradecraft Industries
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The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, ESQ.

The Law Office of Nathaniel Gilbert, ESQ.

Nate Gilbert is an attorney representing individuals and corporations in Colorado and Kansas in the areas of Business Planning, Landlord Tenant, and Criminal Defense.  Working with a wide variety of clientele in an even wider array of venues, Nate tailors services to meet individual client needs and goals: the small farming operation on the Eastern Plains of Colorado requires a different approach to solutions than the downtown Denver property management company. As an avid outdoorsman, Nate works extensively in the fields of hunting and fishing, including violation defense, hunting clubs and leases, as well as total representation of outfitters and guides from formation to administrative matters with the Department of Regulatory Agencies.



Nathaniel Gilbert



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