Tools of the Trade - Denver Construction Coworking Space | Tradecraft Industries
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Tools of the Trade

Tradecraft Industries “Tools of the Trade”

Here at Tradecraft Industries, our mission is help design/construction craftsmen achieve their professional goals in the industry. Whether you’re in high school, enrolled or fresh out of post-secondary education and want to find a good position, have a skill and want to start your own business, or you’re rapidly growing your business – we have the resources to . It all starts with community and education. The best way to learn is to do, Tc is the place to start, grow, and prosper in this industry.
Tools of the Trade is the educational component of Tradecraft Industries. It was built by business owners, for business owners in construction. There are a few different ways you can get involved now and many more options that will be coming in the near future!

Member Resources

Denver Green Building Meetup Group

This is a group for anyone wanting to learn more about durable, healthy, high quality, and energy efficient construction. The organizers, from Emu Systems, have an international work background and specialize in the international Passive House standard. However we will touch on subjects that apply to all aspects of what the market refers to as “green building”.